MyPremierCreditCard Charges

MyPremierCreditCard is knowns for its benefits and advantages. They offer credit limits to consumers who have a bad credit history in order to help them. They have several different options for credit cards and other financial services. Read this article to explore more about MyPremierCreditCard charges and interest rates.


Premier bank is one of the top credit card providers and caters to millions of customers. However, everyone needs to know how their charges work before applying for a credit card. Read further to know more about charges for MyPremierCreditCard.

MyPremierCreditCard Account Charges

There are quite a few changes associated with premier credit cards. We are going to explore more about them in detail. Mainly there are three types of charges, program fees, annual fees, and monthly fees.

Program charges

It depends on how much credit you are offered and based on that credit limit, you will be charged a certain amount. The lowest credit limit is $300 and based on that limit, users will be charged $95.00 one-time fees. These fees are needed to be paid upfront before activating the credit card. However, these charges are one-time and customers don’t have to pay for it again.

Annual Charges

MyPremierCreditCard takes the annual charges of your credit card. The first annual charges are higher and then recurring charges are normal. If we take the credit limit to $300, the first annual charges will be $75 and then it will low down to $40 per year. Every customer who owns this credit card needs to pay annual charges every year.

Monthly Charges

Every customer who has a premier credit card needs to pay a monthly charge. However, the customer doesn’t need to pay any monthly fees for the first year. Next year they have to pay $75 annually as $6.25 per month if we consider the credit limit $300.

All of these MyPremierCreditCard charges are vary depending on the credit limits. Please visit this link to know more about the terms and conditions of the premier credit card.

In this article, we have talked about premier credit card charges. If you have any questions regarding MyPremierCreditCard, then ask us in the comment section.