MyPremierCreditCard Tips and Recommendation

MyPremierCreditCard is a non-traditional credit card which is different from any other bank card. The premier card is 12th top issuer of Mastercard credit cards in the country and millions of customer benefits from their services. Read this article to explore more about MyPremierCreditCard and a guide on how to use it.


MyPremierCreditCard Portal Recommendation

Premier bank issues the premier credit cards and they specify some of the guidelines on how to use the credit card and other information. These tips are useful for consumers who need a little boost in their credit history.

  • Always use a genuine Antivirus for your computer or mobile where you operate your MyPremierCreditCard account
  • Never use public WIFI or VPN while using banking portal
  • Premier credit card portal will automatically log out after 10 minutes of inactivity to protect your information
  • Always log out before closing the device
  • Never share your banking details like account number, password, PIN, and others with anyone
  • Never install potentially harmful apps on your phone, some apps can account for the keystroke and steal users data
  • Never open any link from any mail you receive. Some emails have devices address which leads users to a fake account page and steal their data
  • Always turn on mobile notification for any bank related activity

MyPremierCreditCard has one of the safest banking portals but it advises the users to take a precautionary step to avoid any misconduct. In this article, we have provided a detailed guide on how to operate with the premier credit card portal. If you have any questions regarding MyPremierCreditCard, ask us in the comment section.